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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 19, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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ask me, terry goggans, ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> jose will never come ashore,
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but it's sending its calling card by way of churning, surf and strong currents. no swimming allowed today, tomorrow at the jersey and delaware shores. it's risky business out there. it's monday night and the big story on "action news" is hurricane jose. this won't be a destructive storm, but that doesn't mean it won't be a real problem. we have three reporters tonight, trish hartman? avalon, annie mccormick in atlantic city and the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. what's the story? >> if you look at the hurricane jose, it looks more like a nor'easter. it's losing its characteristics, but it's 175 miles per hour, center 235-miles east of cape hatteras. it was stationary for a while, but it's moving north about
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10 miles per hour. we are beginning to see the outer cloud bands, rain bands in the atlantic. future tracker showing the storm continues to churn north about 200-miles off the coast as we head into the day tomorrow. we see rain bands moving in on the coast in the afternoon hours. then it turns northeast. the big deal with jose is the way it's churning up the ocean, breaking waves of up to ten feet causing beach erosion, not good for the delaware beaches. tidal flooding, minor tomorrow morning, back to minor wednesday morning and dangerous rip currents thanks to jose. the bigger story hurricane maria. it's already made its first
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landfall at 9:15. next is st. croi, then puerto rico cat five or cat four moving toward the caicos islands, a lot of areas trying to recover from irma. jim? >> let's begin a bit of a tour at the jersey shore. aannie mccormick is live in atlantic city. what are people doing in atlantic county? >> first i want to show you that you can hear the waves crashing. officials are concerned about beach erosion and flooding. even if it's minor to the area, they want people to be prepared. >> crowded beaches on atlantic city today. >> i have been out in those friday everyday. not today. today is the first day i
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skipped. >> we expect minor to moderate beach flooding. the greatest hazard is the rip currents. >> yesterday the beach patrol made 12 rescues. today and tomorrow the beaches are open but people are discouraged from going into the water. in long port the same gloomy skies hovered over the waves. donna ennis is a massage therapist visiting clients and decided to stay just in case. >> you never know what mother nature is going to do. everyone is on alert. >> i think we are immune to that. i do. we have had bad ones. maybe we'll have big winds. >> residents in margate are at ease as well. officials are warned to be aware. >> the elevated tide levels look to be over six feet, tomorrow
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tide high as seven feet. we know the neighborhoods we expect to see higher than normal street flooding. jim, atlantic city officials telling us they completed a million dollars beach erosion project. here, residents have park for free at the wave garage at mississippi in fair mount. annie mccormick, "action news," back to you t. >> we have cape may covered with trish hartman live in avalon. what is the situation there? >> jim, we are here on dune drive in avalon one of those prone to coastal flooding during storms the wind is picking up a bit. we spent our evening talking to folks down here. they are ready to ride out the storm. >> waves crashed over the seawall at second avenue in north wildwood to the delight of
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specspectators. >> the excitement of the waves. someone told us how gorgeous it was and they were so right. we decided to take a walk and see what it looks like. that's our first time down here with this weather. >> mayor patrick said workers pushed sand up the beach making sacrificial dunes in anticipation of beach erosion. another concern, power outages. >> i wouldn't imagine that the power outages will be extensive or last long but people should have flashlights and batteries and be prepared to be without pouter for a number of hours. >> in avalon there are high-rising waters at high tide at the bay park arena. >> my husband and son walked off the dock and the water is way up. it's amazing how fast the tide came in. >> kathy marshall is worried for
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her home with piles of unsecured construction equipment at the home next door. >> the wind will be strong. i don't want the construction stuff hitting the house, like hitting a window. that could be a problem. in case of coastal flooding, avalon officials were never to drive through flooded intersections. officials at the shore are advicing folks to move cars to higher ground if you are in an area prone to flooding. trish hartman, channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, trish. we want to show you storm tracker 6 live and the other hurricane. this is maria, stronger than jose, intensified in one day from a tropical storm to a category five hurricane decimating the caribbean island of dominican right now having made landfall an hour and a half
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ago. up next, it could brush by americans in san croix the virgin island mostly spared by irma. then on to puerto rico with a direct strike wednesday. evacuations have been ordered. residents are boarding up homes, rationing food and preparing for the second natural disaster in two week's time. in philadelphia, the puerto rican community is collecting donations and working with nonprofit organizations to get aid to the island once the storm passes. you can see where jose and maria are using storm tracker live on our "6abc" app a free download for your mobile device. the "action news" team will track the storms overnight. they are on half hour early tomorrow starting at 4:30 a.m. to bring you the update on the storm's impact.
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that's tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. teachers at methacton school district are on strike. the 403 teachers, counselors and educator have not had a contract since january. >> they were walking along west seventh street in chester when gunfire ended their trip home from school. for one of the three teens, the gunfire ended his life. christie ileto is live at chester county with that story. >> the victim robert lundy was shot twice in his torso. his family she is he was walking home with officer kids and are adamant he was not the target. >> the child went to school and was on the way home.
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>> robert lundy never made it home. he was shot twice in the torso on chester in broad daylight. two other teens were injured, a 16-year-old in the thigh and an 18-year-old in the rear. family members waited in droves to hear if he would pull through. >> even if people went after the people he was with, you had no right to shoot somebody that didn't have nothing to do with nothing. >> he was a good kids. he played basketball. >> his cousin coached him and his older brother and his dad assisted the traveling team. he was also on the j.v. basketball squad. >> he's not a street guy. he's always with his dad. you always see them together. the 16-year-olds death is the city's 23rd murder on pace to eclipse last year's record of
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26. >> i know how it is to lose a child. >> for the family, it's the fifth murder on chester street. >> it needs to stop. up here, every other week somebody's getting killed. >> sources say it appears the three shooting victims knew each other. it's not clear in what capacity nor if they knew if gunman. if you have information you are asked to call police. a gunman has been convicted of critically wounding a cheerleader. kelly williams was struck with such force she landed a hundred feet away. the d.a. says she was in the crosswalk and 32-year-old james clark was speeding. he was arraigned today for aggravated assault by vehicle and wreckless endangerment.
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>> in the kensington section, a woman the poster child for the opioid crisis. two police officers saved her life not once but twice. what happened tonight? >> transits authorities began carrying narcan two weeks ago. they put it to good use today when they saved a woman. >> the officers were patrolling the allegheny station area around 4:00 p.m. when -- >> they were approached by a passer by who said they saw a pregnant female unconscious, possibly overdosed. >> the two responded and administered narcan to the late-stage pregnant woman not once but twice. she finally gained consciousness. >> the fire department came on location and she refused their services. she didn't want to go to the
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hospital. she didn't want medical treatment, and she got up and left the area. >> it wouldn't be the last time they see the woman. two hours later they found her laying unconscious on the sidewalk. they scooped her up and took her to the hospital. they couldn't comment on camera, but the disturbing oi opiod cris is on their minds. >> as a father, i can only think of my own children. it's a terrible issue. >> the name of th the woman hast been released. her condition and that of her unborn child have not been released. chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> now to the funding crisis. there is a $2.2 billion budget
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shortfall. republican senate leaders say they don't think the plan the house pass td last week will work and they intend to make changes. they may seek a tax increase. governor tom wolf responded that the state has little time left before pennsylvania's credit rating receiving a downgrade. >> the latest from st. louis in a fourth night of protests. and what went wrong in new york today when two busses collided in a deadly wreck. and serious finance peril for toys"r"us just as we head into the shopping season. >> i'm tracking more summer like weather even after fall arrives. i have the latest on hurricanes jose and maria in the forecast. plus ducis rogers with the
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phillies dodgers highlights, grea
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>> a fourth night of protests is under way in st. louis. hundreds have gathered outside the city jail demanding the release of those put behind bars after the last three nightses of unrest. so far tonight's protest has been peaceful. it gap following the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of a blackman. the focus is now on the deadically crash of a bus driver in queens. he was fired as a transited driver in new york city also had a prior dui on his record. he was killed on the crash of a city bus along with two other
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people. 16 people were hurt. a storefront was ripped off. police are certain speed was a factor but not certain if it was a mechanical malfunction. the charter bus company also has a record of safety problem. president trump made his debut today at the u.n. trump met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the french president. trump will detail his america first ideology and the threat by north carolinnorth korea is expy a major role in the address. >> then there is this, a appearance of trump hitting hilary clinton with a golf ball.
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but feinstein said the picture of the depiction of an attack on hilary clinton is disgusting. every one of us should be appalled by the dangerous messagemessages demeaning not oy secretary clinton but all women. there are reports of wire topping. paul man forbefore and after the election. word is some of the communications sparked concern that mannford had encouraged russians to help with the campaign. the man charged with overseeing the investigation into russian interference made an appearance tonight. rod roizen stein from philadelphia spoke at the national constitution center in observe ennobservance of "actio. he spoke generally about the importance of the rule of law in
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the united states. toys"r"us is on the verge of bankruptcy according to the wall street journal, bloomberg and others. going into the all important shopping season, some toy makers might not ship products unless toys"r"us can pay on delivery. they lost $164 million first quarter of this year and are saddled with debt. earthquake for hurricane relief, the reverend paul earthquake moore is leading the charge on a charity drive in philadelphia. they are collecting clothes, diapers, food, bibles and more. tomorrow, they'll pack it all up and send it to houston for hurricane harvey victims.
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and radnor high school is showing off its new courtyard. the result of the student led fundraising effort. they cut the ribbon tonight on the 1100 square foot space outside the cafeteria. blueprints were drafted by studen
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>> >> this team is going along, almost looked like certain defeat for the phillies and boom! the phillies come back. >> a lot of fight in the team these days. the dodgers are the best in baseball, they have the best pitcher in clayton kershaw but the phillies have bats that don't care about kershaw. first batter of the game, chris taylor with a drive to first. inside the park home run.
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nick pa vet ta gives up a homer to the next batter. aaron altair facing clayton kershaw. a grand slam to the upper deck, the first he's ever allowed, a curtain call for aaron altair, phillies win, 4-3. >> it's great to be the first ever. he's a great pitcher. >> that was fun. anytime you beat kershaw, it's nice to see. great to start off the series against these guys. see what we can do the rest of the way. >> altair will remember that one. still ahead in sports, doug pederson plays monday morning quarterback.
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>> no time to dwell on yesterday, the eagles have an important game sunday afternoon. that's when the giants come calling. the eagles are smarting following the loss at kansas city. the birds called 56 pass plays compared to 13 run plays. coach is putting some blame on himself. >> i have to be critical of himself. i have to see if i'm putting our team in a good situation by play call and the decisions i make during the game. i feel like too, i am still
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learning a little bit. >> for the giants last year -- >> they'll be here sunday hosting the lions. agnar is gone, 88-yards for the touchdown. giants lose 24-10. they fall 0-2. >> they don't look good, do they? >> no. coming in at the right time. >> now to the forecast. cecily tynan, we have stormy weather offshore. >> hurricane jose and hurricane maria, a cat five hurricane. looking locally over the ben franklin bridge, overcast skies, winds picking up, cloud bans off the eastern seaboard, category one hurricane, maximum sustained
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winds, 35 miles per hour. it's moving north. it's not making landfall as expected. it's no hurricane sandy, but as it tracks will be kicking up the surf, become a tropical storm as we head toward wednesday, and it loo like it will do a loop as it begins to weaken. it could meander out there as a weaker storm, depression, maximum sustained winds 40 miles per hour through the weekend. i may be talking about this system next week. trenton 70. allentown, 64 and the poconos, 63. the timing of the rain band moving later in the day. 6:30 in the morning, we'll have cloud bands from jose, but it takes until the afternoon when we actually see the rain developing and mainly right
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along the coast. this rain has a tough time moving inland. a quarter inch to inch of rain. if there is flooding, it will be the coastal flooding thanks to the water. even that is mild to moderate. it depends on the location. it's a breezy day, winds gusting 35 highway. along the coast, a blustery day, wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour and even wednesday is very wednesday. this is the big story, this is hurricane maria. it's a cat 5 hurricane. it's amazing how it exploded to make its first of many landfalls over dominica. next is croix, heading toward the turks and caicos. at this point, looks like maria
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will head out to sea before the u.s. mainland. tomorrow, 75-degrees. it will be windy, rainy along the coast. inland effects minimal. wednesday, breezy and warm, 85-degrees. we keep the air mass into the weekend. fall officially arriving, 84-degrees. look at the weekend, like this past weekend, sunny, temperature in the mid 80s and 80s next week. we have another update tomorrow beginning at 5:00. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." music from fallout. "action news" continues at 4:00 a.m. with pamela edwards, meteorologist david murphey and karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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